Pickleball--Week of 02/28/2021

Well, at last it’s beginning to warm up a little. We were able to play outdoors 3 days this past week in temperatures that felt almost like Spring. We’re still getting more than our share of rain, though, and next week looks like there may be more headed our way. It won’t be long now until Spring arrives…….just 20 more days !

Time for a little trivia quiz…….who were the recording artists that sang the old song titled “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall”, and in what year did it come out?

Our weather lately reminded me of the lyrics, “Into each life some rain must fall…….but, too much is falling in mine” !!

Anyway, that song is from 1944 and was sung by Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots. Very few of us were around when that song was recorded……..Go back and enjoy this great oldie:


Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall


There’ve been some changes in the positions on our Board of Directors. Lynn Doane’s two-year term is up March 1st and she has decided to step down and give someone else the opportunity to serve. Lynn has done an amazing job serving as Treasurer and we’re all going to miss her. Give her a big “thank you” when you see her. John Seymour, currently serving as a Director will move up to an officer position and take Lynn’s place as Treasurer. Mary Lynn Miller has joined our Board and will assume an officer’s position as Secretary. Marcie Palacios is stepping down from her Current role as Secretary and will remain on the Board as a Director. Kevin Hart will move from the Advisory Board to a position on the regular Board as a Director. This gives us the full complement of 7 members.

The new Board of Directors is as follows:


John Hall - President

Joe Ruf - Vice President

Mary Lynn Miller - Secretary

John Seymour - Treasurer

Tammy Coker - Director

Marcie Palacios - Director

Kevin Hart - Director


Advisory Board:


Terry Poling - Director

Dean McCoy - Director


Here are some of the most amazing final few points you’ll ever see that took place at the Punta Gorda Pickleball Open last month pitting Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters against Corrine Carr and Andrea Koop. This is why Team Waters’ hash tag is Ripit !!

Start viewing about the 47:00 minute mark.


Team Waters


Did you know it’s legal to grab your partner to keep them from falling into the non-volley zone after they hit a volley? Sometimes you can’t be too choosy about what you grab…….here’s a point in a lady’s pro Gold medal match where Martina Kochli grabs her partner, Calle Jo Smith, by the hair to keep her out of the NVZ. The point begins at the 1:08:45 mark.


Grab Your Partner


Check out the “Upcoming Tournaments” page on our website for some tournaments right around the corner.


Upcoming Tournaments


Registration closes March 2nd (day after tomorrow) for the Battle of the Paddles IV in Rabun County (Tiger, GA).


Battle of the Paddles


I found this photo to be very interesting !! Take a good look at it, then turn it upside down. Pretty amazing, huh ??

Upside Down Photo.jpg

The pandemic has caused many people to indulge in more frequent “Happy Hours”. I found that this can easily be controlled by introducing a real mind boggling and difficult test of your powers of observation. You can only pour a glass of wine if you guess the answer correctly. You should try it some time……..it’s harder than you think !! Here’s today’s challenge:

Wine Challenge Photo.jpg

Ok, I’ll leave now……..have a great week everyone.


John Hall

Check Out The GA Mountain Pickleball Virtual Rally Video  


Thanks to Beth and Dean McCoy for putting this together.  You will probably recognize some of the local Pickleball players in the video.  If anyone has any Pickleball related videos, pictures, or stories while we have been quarantined please send them to gamtnpb@gmail.com.

Georgia Mountain Pickleball

Playing Schedule this Week:  


Go to our web page for the all the daily times for the week at all the venues in Towns, Clay, White and Rabun counties. 

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