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During the Winter of 2013 -2014, Towns County built a new Recreation Center that was lined for 4 Pickleball courts in the twin basketball court arena. This began a wave of Pickleball fever and soon we were bursting at the seams and began looking for an additional venue. We found an abandoned county owned 4-tennis court complex that was both unsightly and non-functional with multiple cracks, weeds, rusted fencing, and mold and mildew covering the court surface. This was the complex as we found it:

Restored Georgia Mountain Pickleball

Our Commissioner, who is very sports minded, agreed to help us patch the cracks and

re-paint the surface, but, this plan fell through and the complex remained in this condition for over a year. 

Eventually our Commissioner, who was impressed with our dedication, enthusiasm, and growing numbers, entered into negotiations with Signature Tennis Courts, Inc. out of Woodstock, GA whereby, with the county’s help with some of the materials, grading and equipment, they would completely resurface the complex with 6”-8” of compacted gravel, 2”-3” of asphalt, a sealer coat followed by 2 coats of paint, court lines and permanent

nets. Our players were tasked to paint the fence with the county-supplied paint and equipment and we painted the entire fence, both sides with 2 coats of paint in under 2

days. Here's a couple of shots right after painting:

North Georgia Pickleball Courts
Georgia Mountain Pickleball

Here's our spray man:

Construction began in earnest and here are some shots as it progressed:

Here is the finished complex:

Beautiful Mountain Pickleball Courts

Georgia Mountain Pickleball

Towns County Pickleball Complex and Courts

Hiawassee, GA  30546

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