Towns County, GA Places to Play

Towns County Pickleball Complex (800 US Hwy 76, Hiawassee, GA 30546) 

14 Outdoor Courts      Map

Towns County Old Rec. Center (900 N. Main St., Hiawassee, GA 30546)

4 Indoor Courts        Map

**Note: If the Old Rec Center is closed, play will be at the 14-Court outdoor courts.  On Mon-Fri the policy at the Old Rec Center is to have two scheduled time periods to alleviate overcrowding.  Player time is limited to one time period only, either the earlier time or the later time.  Towns County has implemented a daily fee of $2 for non-county residents at the Recreation Centers.  There is no fee for Towns County residents to use the Rec Centers or for anyone to use the outdoor courts.

Clay County, NC Places to Play

Hayesville Outdoor Pickleball Complex (333 Ball Park Drive, Hayesville, NC 28904)

4 Outdoor Courts      Map

Hayesville Recreation Center (333 Ball Park Drive, Hayesville, NC 28904)

(See Note Below)

3 Indoor Courts      Map 


Note: The (Hayesville) Clay County Rec Center has implemented a monthly fee of $20 for non residents who wish to use their indoor courts that you will have to renew every month. You will be issued a card that you need to scan every time you come in and play. The number of cards will be limited.

For those who are Clay County residents you need to get a resident card and scan your card every time you play.

Rabun County, GA Places to Play

Rabun County Parks and Recreation Dept. (400 Rabun Park Drive, Tiger, GA 30576)

9 Indoor Courts      Map

White County, GA Places to Play

White County Parks and Rec. Center (327 Asbestos Rd., Cleveland, GA 30528)

6 outdoor and 3 Indoor Courts     Map

Click on the "White County Playing Schedule" below for the up-to-date schedule:

**Note: The times shown for the outdoor courts are for a mix & mingle type of format where you play with whomever is present. 

To reserve times to play with specific players of your choosing at times other than those shown, you need to set up an account with and get a copy of the step by step instructions from the front desk at the gym, or contact Laurie Lee at and she will email a set of instructions.  You cannot reserve the courts at the front desk.  It must be done BY YOU online.