Pickleball--Week of 07/25/2021

Court Resurfacing Update: Great progress is being made on our resurfacing project. The pressure-cleaning, patching, and the sealing were completed last week and, as of yesterday, the red and green paint was applied to the south half of the complex and they were preparing to do the other half. So, by the time you read this, the red and green should be finished all over. A second coat of the red and green plus the line striping will complete the paint phase. New nets and cleanup will get it back to us before next weekend if everything goes well…….can’t wait for that !!


In case you missed it. This was one of the clues on the popular Jeopardy show last week !!


Here’s a complimentary issue of the July/August Pickleball Magazine and the July issue of the new Pickleball Fire Magazine:


Pickleball Magazine        Pickleball Fire Magazine


Here’s an excellent tip from Rodney Grubbs of Pickleball Rocks fame: What is the wrong shot at the wrong time? It is a lower percentage shot taken when the other team is serving. It is when you gave them a free point because MENTALLY you chose the wrong shot instead of a can't miss, high percentage shot………

Quick tip from Morgan Evans on how to develop more backhand volley power:

Quick Tip

The International Federation of Pickleball has announced the addition of four more member countries: Chile, Isle of Man, Uganda, and Russia. This brings the total number to 57, headed toward the magic number of 75 needed for IOC consideration.

New Member Countries.jpg

If you haven’t joined the GA Mt. Pickleball Club, head over to our web site and join. It’s free for the remainder of this year and you don’t need to be a county resident to join. Many benefits await you including free mini-tournaments, leagues, drill sessions, FOOD…..and, more !! Go to the following link (https://www.georgiamountainpickleball.com/) and click on “Join Our Club” on the top right of the page……..go ahead, do it right now while you’re thinking about it. :)


I’ll always remember my grandfather’s last words: “A TRUCK!” ~Emo Phillips

The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades. ~Demetri Martin

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you are awesome, you are loved, and you deserve everything in your Amazon cart !! ~theweatheredmom


That’ll do it for this week. Stay safe and well out there.


John Hall


Playing Schedule this Week:  


Go to our web page for the all the daily times for the week at all the venues in Towns, Clay, White and Rabun counties. 

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