Pickleball--Week of 10/24/2021

Many of our part-time residents and visitors are headed back to Florida and elsewhere today. They always bring a lot of good and competitive play with them and they raise the level of play for all of us. We’ll miss them this Winter and will be looking forward to their return next Spring. We also have a lot of short-term visitors who have already left, or, will be soon, so it’s going to be a little slow around these parts during the Winter months.


Here’s a complimentary October 2021 issue of The Pickleball Magazine:      Pickleball Magazine


Rabun County is having their Pickled Turkey Shootout on Friday, 11/19/2021 through Sunday, 11/21/2021. Get registered for this very popular tournament held on their beautiful indoor courts:

2021 Pickled Turkey Shootout Flyer.jpeg

Engage Pickleball has announced that, due to the global supply shortage, they will not be able to honor discount codes until at least January of 2022. The shortage of their materials is severe enough that they are not shipping to their dealers, including Pickleball Central, and only allowing orders from individuals through their website. So, our discount code “m-gmp20” will not be honored until further notice. I hate to see this and I know all the other paddle makers are experiencing the same problems. I don’t know if this situation will effect the ball supply since most of the balls are made in China…..!?


Our Facebook page reached 9,246 people in the 28 days from Sept. 22 - Oct. 19th and had 2087 post engagements !! We now have 2369 “Likes”. If you’re on Facebook and haven’t given us a “Like”, head over to GMP Facebook Page and do so. This helps spread our word and our image around the pickleball world.


Simone Jardim has some good advice on how to avoid putaways that go into the net:


Coach Simone


Did you know there are six “haunted” sites in or near Towns County? Check this out !!  Haunted Sites




“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.” ~ Erma Bombeck


“Never have more children than you have car windows.” ~ Erma Bombeck


A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way. ~ Mark Twain


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That’ll be it for this week. Due to the lack of activity expected during the Winter months, this newsletter may not be sent each and every week, but, I’ll keep you informed of anything I feel you would like to be aware of.


John Hall


Playing Schedule this Week:  


Go to our web page for the all the daily times for the week at all the venues in Towns, Clay, White and Rabun counties. 

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