Pickleball--Week of 10/18/2020

Old Rec. Center Update: Beginning Monday, Nov. 2nd, the old rec. center will be available for pickleball from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM Monday - Friday. Saturday hours and play, if any, will be posted as soon as the county basketball schedule is finalized. As before the pandemic, we will only use the facility when the weather is unsuitable for outdoor play. The maximum number of players at any one time will be 36 and CDC guidelines must be strictly adhered to. This includes the 6’ rule, face masks between games are optional, but encouraged, and balls, hands and paddles need to be frequently sanitized.

Please remember that you are taking full responsibility for your actions, both playing as well as following the guidelines, i.e., you are playing at your own risk. The COVID-19 cases are on the increase in Towns County, so please factor this into your decision on whether you wish to play in this closed environment.

The nets will be available in their usual location and we’ve arranged to have volunteer players unlock and lock the building at the beginning and close of our allotted time. As I’ve mentioned to you before, if we want to use the building we are responsible for the locking and unlocking, but, just because we’re doing this, GA Mt. Pickleball is not encouraging anyone to play and we as a club, our Board of Directors, and the Towns County Recreation Dept. will bear no liability for any COVID-19-related problems or occurrences while using the facility. We’re just making available the opportunity to play for those who want to do this.

As a reminder, we use the ‘orange’ Onix Fuse indoor balls for this of you who haven’t purchased yours yet.


A request regarding the garbage at the complex: Since the probationers are still on lockdown due to the pandemic, the county workers are doing many other duties such as lawn mowing, building cleaning and maintenance, etc. that they normally don’t do. We have advised the county that we would help and be responsible for keeping the trash and garbage situation under control at the complex. We’re asking that, when you see a garbage container half full, take the bag out, tie a knot in the top half and place it on the outside of the fence on the paved parking lot side of the complex at the corner where the gravel road begins. Per Charley Andrew’s request, the maintenance crew from the GA Mt. Fair will pick up and discard the bags. There is a new bag tied to the handle of the garbage can that you can use to replace the one just emptied. We would really appreciate your help with this………..


The Club Wars Tournament information we sent out last week has elicited a few inquiries, but, we still need more players in the 3.0 - 3.5 skill level range to make us eligible to compete. We’re sending a separate emailing to all of you in case you need the information again. We really would like to have a team (10 players) for GA Mt. Pickleball, so please contact me asap at johnpickleball30582@gmail.com.                                                                                 


The Novice Clinics on Saturday morning are going to be suspended until Spring of 2021.


Covid-19 Update: Since I’ve received requests to continue keeping you updated on the COVID-19 situation, I am herein renewing the report.

The following is the number of confirmed cases and deaths that have occurred since 09/05/2020:

Towns County has had 178 new cases for a total of 401, and 6 additional deaths for a total of 12. 

Union County has had 338 new cases for a total of 854, and 10 additional deaths for a total of 24.


USA Pickleball has chosen to implement a “Compliance Testing Program” as part of their equipment approval process starting in 2021. This new “Random Quality Inspection” will be designed to ensure that all equipment having been awarded the USA Pickleball stamp of approval are continuing to be manufactured and sold within the original testing specifications as outlined in the Equipment Standards Manual (ESM).

This is good news and will help ensure that all pickleball equipment we buy still meets the initial certification standards. 


Are you watching the ball properly ?? Keep your eye on the ball - A simple pickleball tip from Sarah Ansboury:


Watch the Holes


That’s the news for this week. Stay safe out there.


John Hall

Check Out The GA Mountain Pickleball Virtual Rally Video  


Thanks to Beth and Dean McCoy for putting this together.  You will probably recognize some of the local Pickleball players in the video.  If anyone has any Pickleball related videos, pictures, or stories while we have been quarantined please send them to gamtnpb@gmail.com.

Georgia Mountain Pickleball

Playing Schedule this Week:  


Go to our web page for the all the daily times for the week at all the venues in Towns, Clay, White and Rabun counties. 

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