Pickleball--Week of 01/12/2020

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  Welcome pickleball players to the GMPC news.  We are lucky to have both indoor and outdoor facilities at this time of year.  We are playing outside when we can and playing inside when we can’t.  Somedays we have play at both venues. 


  One of the issues that we deal with is the Old Recreation Center is not staffed, so members of GMPC are required to open and close the Rec Center for pickleball.  At this time of year, it is difficult to find anyone who is available to open and close every day, but we are doing our best.  We also must put up and take down the nets, backboards and keep everything picked up.  This is the agreement we made with the county and part of why they replaced the floor, painted, installed motorized backboards and replaced the lights. It is a great pickleball facility now.  We also must honor the times they allow us to play.  We don’t want to jeopardize the relationship we have with the county.  We appreciate everyone helping out.


  We would like to point out that the $2 fee for nonresidents to use the ORC goes to the county to help pay for all the improvements and to help cover the cost of maintaining the facility.  County residents pay taxes.  The GMPC provides the nets and balls that are used by everyone.  All we ask in return is that all players help with the equipment.


  The GMPC Board met and approved a change to the ORC schedule.  Mon, Wed and Fri will stay the same with 2 time periods as before.  Tues, Thurs and Sat will be OPEN PLAY.  This will start on the week of January 13, 2020.  When it gets crowded, please use this time to socialize and meet some of the players you have not met before.  Court Order of Play will be based on the paddle stacking method listed on our website Code of Conduct page.   


  MOUNTAIN COUNTRY CHRISTMAS IN LIGHTS was at the GEORGIA MOUNTAIN FAIRGROUNDS through December.  The Georgia Mountain Pickleball Club had a booth for this event.  This was a huge success for our county, for GMF and for the GMPC.  GMF personnel were very appreciative that we participated and couldn’t thank us enough.  Because of GMPC and others, all the booths were filled.  They asked us to participate again next year.


We attempt to provide the best website with pickleball tips, information on events, places to play and the wealth of additional information. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know.



GMPC President

Playing Schedule this Week:  


Go to our web page for the all the daily times for the week at all the venues in Towns, Clay, White and Rabun counties. 

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