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Setting Up Swift Nets For Indoor Play


It is important to know how to assemble and take down the Swift Nets.  They are very easy to assemble and take down if done properly.  It usually takes a couple of minutes to do it right.  The instructions are in the net bag or you can watch the 1:45 minute video by clicking on:




When you take down a Swift Net make sure the Velcro center strap is closed and the net cord at each end is secured.  When it isn’t, the net gets all tangled up and hard to unroll.  Proper assembly and removal will increase the net life and prevent injury.

Thanks to Susan and Haley Abelman for providing this great link for kids and beginner Pickleball players

A Kid's And Beginner's Guide To Pickleball

Very good article by Sarah Ansboury on things to focus on while playing and encouraging your partner

Pickleball Ten Commandments

Here's an excellent video on Advanced Third Shot Strategies by Simone Jardim

Third Shot Strategies

Here are some great tips from USAPA Pickleball

USAPA Pickleball Tips

Check out these Pickleball Quick Tip videos from Pickleball Channel

Pickleball Channel Quick Tip Videos


Having trouble with your backhand? Yvonne Hackenberg can shed some light on this with slow motion video:

Backhand Help



Subscribe for free to The Pickleball Channel and get notified of new instructional videos as well as stories of the pickleball community and amazing game and tournament highlights. A new video is released every Friday !!


The Pickleball Channel



Here’s a good tip from Sarah Ansboury on why hitting the ball while moving doesn’t work as well with pickleball as it does in tennis: 


Stop Before you Hit..!!



Here’s some great information on the 3rd shot by Prem Carnot. The First Commandment of the 3rd shot is …………………?? Go check it out~!! It may not be what you think it is:


The 3rd Shot’s First Commandment 



Prem Carnot, renown author and instructor was here in Hiawassee for a couple of days at the end of 2017 meeting and playing with us. Prem is one of the top pickleball instructors in the world and does many boot camps and clinics around the country. He’s good enough at this that many of the top pros come to him for advice and guidance. That’s why he’s known as “The Pickleball Guru”. You can subscribe to his emailings and podcasts for free at:


The Pickleball Guru


Need Pickleball Items?   


If you need to purchase any pickleball items such as paddles, balls, clothing, or accessories go to Pickleball Central ( and enter in the code  "CRGAMountain" for a 5% discount. In addition, GA Mt. Pickleball gets a 5% credit on every purchase that we can redeem at the end of the year for needed items for our group. There are now two Pickleball Central banners, one at each gate at the Towns complex, showing this discount code for your reference.    

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