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Photos from the GA Mt. Pickleball Club Summer Fundraiser
August 14th & 15th 2021

Women's Doubles

                             WD 3.0

Gold: Jackie Hughes and Lucy Kerman

Silver: Eileen Cunningham and Lisa Sherrill

Bronze: Debbie Walmsley and Scarlet Warner


                                WD 3.5

Gold: Tresha McClure and Sara Rogers

Silver: Diane Duffy and Cathy Hicks

Bronze: Holly Carlisle and Sabrina Clinard


                             WD 4.0

Gold: Hannah Curtis and JoJo Henderson

Silver: Diana Blihovde and Tracy Thomason

Bronze: Tammy Coker and Lisa Sowers


Mens's Doubles

                             MD 3.0

Gold: Steve Puett and David Lamon

Silver: Mike Petrandis and Stan Glogowski

Bronze: Steve Pickett and David Jones


                             MD 3.5

Gold: Dakota Fisher and Luke Maher

Silver: Jeff Segars and Tucker Segars

Bronze: Gene Case and Reid Trimble


                             MD 4.0

Gold: Matthew Howard and Chuck Thomason

Silver: Mark Hilliard and Larry Berkery

Bronze: Dave Seddon and Dean McCoy


Mixed Doubles

                             MXD 3.0 Group A

Gold: Debbie Walmsley and Reid Trimble

Silver: Joyce Sharp and Jim Snoddy

Bronze: John Turcotte and Sandra Turcotte


                             MXD 3.0 Group B

Gold: Steve Pickett and Chaney

Silver: Wil Wynne and Jenny Wynne

Bronze: Will Smith and Sharlene Johnson


                             MXD 3.5 Group A

Gold: Nate Hendricksen and Emily Hendricksen

Silver:: George Cook and Marcie Palacios

Bronze: Mike Pearson and Sara Rogers


                             MXD 3.5 Group B

Gold: Keith Moss and Hannah Curtis

Silver: Chrischen Knotts and Diana Bhihovde

Bronze: Ed Lyon and Rena Millwood


                             MXD 4.0 Group A

Gold: Carl Byxbee and Tammy Lentini

Silver: John Henderson and JoJo Henderson

Bronze: Connor Schad and Marina Zhurkov


                             MXD 4.0 Group B

Gold: Mark Hilliard and Bev Bryant

Silver: Mark Petty and Billie Fay Petty

Bronze: Cary Walmsley and Donna Steffey

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